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Chestnut Hill Developments

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150 Ferrand Drive,
Suite Suite 801,
Toronto, ON, M3C 3E5
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Chestnut Hill Developments places customers first, and in order to do that we have to know what home buyers want. To fulfill our commitment to offering fine-quality homes in memorable settings for attainable prices, we conduct extensive market research. We ask the right questions, and then even more importantly, we listen to and act on the answers.

Our customer-oriented approach to building begins with land selection. We choose strategic residential locations that are close to schools, transportation and shopping, and then we use master-planning to ensure that other desirable amenities are in the community itself. We think of a master-planned community as a village within a city or town … a place where residents enjoy being linked in to the surrounding infrastructure and amenities, yet appreciate living in a self-contained neighbourhood where they can walk down the street and see familiar faces. We also make sure to include children’s playgrounds whenever we can. A community is, after all, the place where our new generations grow and learn.

And speaking of growing and learning, we also provide informative seminars for those who may be considering their first home purchase. We gather together a panel of experts and invite guests to ask questions of these knowledgeable professionals so that they walk away prepared to make an informed decision. We have had tremendous response to these informational sessions; first-timers appreciate the confidence it instills to do what is right for them. Educating the new home buying public has always been, and is still important to us.

At Chestnut Hill Developments, our owners and potential purchasers are the most important members of our team. We rely on them to keep us focused on what home buyers really want and need, and to help us adapt our customer-first philosophy to the specific purchasers in each community.

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$600,900 - $999,900 | 558 sq ft - 1174 sq ft
Glencairn Ave & Marlee Ave, Toronto
$600,900 - $999,900 | 558 sq ft - 1174 sq ft
VIP Sale NOW on
51  Floor Plans Available
$749,900 - $890,900 | 1632 sq ft - 1813 sq ft
Bayly St & Liverpool Rd, Pickering
$749,900 - $890,900 | 1632 sq ft - 1813 sq ft
Occupancy Date: Jan 2020
2  Floor Plans Available
$915,900 - $1,495,900 | 500 sq ft - 1920 sq ft
Bayly St & Liverpool Rd, Pickering
$915,900 - $1,495,900 | 500 sq ft - 1920 sq ft
Occupancy Date: Feb 2020
5  Floor Plans Available
Coming Spring 2021
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