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  • Cut through the email noise and launch your new projects and promotions
    on the real estate Agent research platform. Two sites: - For Buyers/Investors - For Agents
  • Market remaining remnant inventory to thousands of Agents and Buyers.
  • Get the highest quality leads
Benefits of Map
  • Expand your distribution channel including Agents and Buyers who are actively looking for new Condos.
  • Market remaining remnant inventory to thousands of Agents and Buyers who today may not otherwise have access to or consider new condo properties.
  • Prospects can search for remnant inventory in the same way they do with the MLS.
  • Buyers and Agents can easily browse your promotions including, promotions specifically geared towards the Agent.
Why Advertise on CondoNow
  • Basic advertising and setup is free.
  • It allows the Prospects to easily find their client a New Condo at the moment they have a need. This keeps your projects in Prospects' focus at all times.
  • Buyers and Agents can easily follow and browse through VIP projects and coming soon projects. Ensuring your message gets to the community.
  • Advertising packages are available to maximize your exposure / lead generation and the pricing is designed to meet any marketing budget.
Comprehensive Search
  • Agents and Buyers can conduct a search with the following criteria:
    City, Neighbourhood, MLS zone, Walk Score, Bike Score, Transit Score, Sales Status, Occupancy Date , Construction Status, Condo Amenities, Neighbourhood , Amenities, Commission, Price Range, Price per sq. ft., Minimum deposit %, # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, Size, View Exposure
Free Project Branding
No Leads
The only industry solution to
advertise your projects and
promotions to real estate
Agent and condo Buyers /
Investors with rich media and
a very robust search engine.
Perfect for Inventory
Perfect for projects with
remnant inventory and have
been on the market for many
months. Inventory will likely
be sold to end users.
CondoNow's search engine
makes it easy for Prospects
to find a new condo when
they are looking for one.
Great for Post-Launch
The gold package is great
for post launch projects where
there is still a lot of interest.
The low monthly fee lowers
your per user lead cost
and caps your
total investment.
Perfect for New Launches
Unlimited Leads
Perfect for New Project
Launches because it delivers
the most exposure and lead
generation, helping to build hype
for a set, reasonable budget.
Agents & Buyers spend an
impressive 4-8 minutes searching
for new condos per visit!
Leading Project Advertising
  • Get top spot regardless of search request. Guarantees the most amount of impressions. Maximum 5 spots per month. Only available to Platinum Projects.
Email Campaigns
  • Sent to thousands of real estate Agents.
    Average of 5,000+ opens & members average a 35% open rate!
Condonow Email Template
Worksheet Software
  • Go from a manual process to a fully digital solution.
    Automate the process of collecting worksheets and easily allocate units based on a built-in Agent-ranking system. Full email workflow keeps it simple for both the Developer and the Agent. Integrates with your website or Agent portal.
Price & Availability Management
  • No more reliance on paper - The iPad-based Price & Availability Management allows the entire sales team to always be up-to-date with real time updates to plans and pricing.
iPad-Based Contract Generation
  • A simple step-by-step wizard will walk sales people through the contract generation process cutting down on costly human error.
    Start accepting digital signatures introducing the buyer to a better sales experience.
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