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Top 10 Real Estate News Stories From Feb. 5 – 18, 2018

Our CondoNow experts have narrowed down the top 10 real estate news stories from Feb 5 – 18, 2018.

From new condo sales already setting records for Toronto, to why the Real Estate Board cares where the city council gets its money, to Toronto’s median price decline, we’ve cultivated a list of the top 10 stories. Here’s the latest news!

New Condo Sales are Red Hot Across Canada Says Altus Group

The GTA was the hottest market with 36,429 unit sales in the year, setting a new record.
Full Story on CanadianRealEstateMagazine.Ca

In Toronto’s Land War, Condo Builders Are Better Armed

With unrelenting demand and the deep pockets that brings with it, condo builders are consistently winning the contest for scarce building land in Toronto.
Full Story on TheGlobeAndMail.Com



Toronto Real Estate Gets First Median Price Decline Since 2009

Toronto real estate set a quiet record, that went largely uncelebrated last month. Numbers from the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) show that the median price declined. While it’s not an end of time announcement, here’s why you should care about it.
Full Story on BetterDwelling.com



Why Toronto Real-Estate Agents Are Sounding The Alarm Over The City’s Budget

Why does this real estate board care where city council gets its money? And why should it matter how the market is doing this January? If these are questions you’re asking yourself in light of this recent (and somewhat confusing) complaint, read onwards.
Full Story on Torontoist.com


National Home Price index Up, Toronto Reverses Downward Trend

Toronto’s gain was the first in 6 months and was almost entirely down to condos.
Full Story on CanadianRealEstateMagazine.Com



City to Strategize on How to Stop Toronto From Becoming ‘playground for the rich’

Faced with crisis around affordability of rental housing, staff will develop plan to stop what one Councillor called the “Manhattanization” of Toronto.
Full Story on TheStar.Com



In a City of Rising Rents, One Man’s Search For an Affordable Place to Call Home in Toronto

Inspired by all the great films he’s seen at TIFF, Huy Do, 27, made his quest into a movie poster, marketing himself as the perfect tenant.
Full Story on TheStar.Com



Toronto 2018 Budget Keeps Property Tax Down, Drawing Concerns

Toronto’s mayor says this year’s budget is “just right,” but one critic argues failing to hike property taxes above the rate of inflation will make the city less affordable for everyone.
Full Story on CBC.Ca



Seattle Trails Toronto For Most Cranes, S.F. Has Highest Increase

Seattle has the most cranes in the United States, while Toronto, with 88, has the most cranes in North America.
Full Story on Bisnow.Com


Toronto Condo Numbers Set New Records

 Toronto’s condominium market hit another market milestone as the number of proposed apartments in the Greater Toronto Area passed 380,152 units in 2017.
Full Story on TheGobeAndMail.com




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