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There’s Buying Power in Numbers

If you’ve ever entertained the idea of buying a new condo-pre-construction, you have undoubtedly heard of something called “Platinum Access”.

For those who have not, here’s a short synopsis.

When a new condo development is put on the market, most developers will “Launch” by releasing for sale ONLY a restricted number of units in the building. All offered for sale at special “introductory pricing”. This is normally referred to as “1st  Allocation”.

Sounds great right? Well, here is where the “Access” in Platinum Access comes in to play.

Most of the time, these units can ONLY be purchased through an “exclusive” short list of the “Top Producing” Real Estate agents in the city, knows as “Platinum Agents”

Why do developers do this? It’s all about sales numbers.

Theory being…these agents have a proven record of strong selling abilities in general, so by default they should also be great at selling newly launched pre-built condos. Opening up their black books, bringing a quality list of potential buyers that will jump at the chance to snap up these coveted units.

What this means for most of Joe Public however is that access to theses early released units, that are often the best suites, with the best views and best pricing is simply not available. By the time the general public has direct sales access, these units have long been sold out.

Thankfully for Joe Public however, this level of Platinum Access to 1st Allocation is now directly available through a brand new online channel, CondoNow.com.

With approximately 4000 referral agents strong, CondoNow has established a buying power presence that developers are now fully embracing.

This gives any CondoNow referral agent and their respective clients direct, early access to the 1st allocations of these previously unavailable new development units.

A recent example of this new approach to Platinum Access can be found at the Pier27 Tower development, launched last week in Toronto.

With easy online and mobile access, detailed information on every development in the city, the ability to search and compare several developments side by side, and Platinum Access to 1st allocations, CondoNow has created a long overdue simplification and democratization to the new condo buying process.

Benefiting developers by creating a direct and convenient path to communicate, market and sell new launches.

Benefiting qualified real estate agents and wanting buyers alike by providing the access and allocation to units they simply could not previously attain going direct.

Further supporting the age-old idiom once again. There is indeed power in numbers.

To stay up to date on all the new happenings in the Toronto condo market and to take advantage of direct, early access to developments all across the GTA, become a CondoNow Insider today.

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