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Top 10 Real Estate News Stories From Mar. 25 – Apr. 15, 2018

Our CondoNow experts have narrowed down the top 10 real estate news stories from Mar. 25 –  April 15, 2018.

Sidewalk Labs’ Chief Exec explains why his company’s world-leading smart community is coming to Toronto’s waterfront, a new study sheds some light on Toronto’s biggest real estate investors and Millennials heat up the Condo market. We’ve cultivated a list of the top 10 stories. Here’s the latest news!

Q&A: Dan Doctoroff on Building the Neighbourhood of Tomorrow

Your company, Sidewalk, which is owned by Alphabet, has kicked up quite the fuss since rolling into town last year. Please explain, for the uninitiated, what your project is all about.
Full Story on TorontoLife.com

Toronto’s Tale of Two Markets Is Hot Condos and Cold Houses

It’s a tale of two housing markets in the Toronto area as Canada’s biggest city gears up for the crucial spring selling season: sales of big detached homes are slow, while condo deals are booming.
Full Story on Bloomberg.com




Who Are The Condo Investors in Toronto? A New Study Sheds Some Light

A study, called A Window Into the World of Condo Investors, found that only about 10 per cent of condo investors are international buyers.
Full Story on Toronto.com




Toronto Developers Hope to Build a Better Townhouse

When developers Daniels and Diamond Corp. began looking at a large development site on Sheppard Avenue East, near Markham Road, in the northeastern reaches of Toronto a few years ago, the two firms could have gone high, as most builders choose to do in this market.
Full Story on TheGlobeandMail.com



Millennials Help Heat Up Toronto Market (With Help From ‘Bank Of Family’)

Compared to last year, home prices are 12 per cent lower, with single-family houses continuing to drop. Condos, on the other hand, are posting rising gains consistently. Millennials, however, helped somewhat to heat things up.
Full Story on TorontoStoreys.com




EXCLUSIVE: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Talks Toronto Real Estate

While the Liberal government has identified affordable housing as a “substantial” issue and directed some $40 billion towards a National Housing Strategy, the question remains whether that money is flowing quickly enough.
Full Story on TorontoStoreys.com




Move Over, Toronto and Vancouver: Montreal is Poised to Become New Capital of Luxury Real Estate

Calgary and Montreal are on track to eclipse Toronto and Vancouver as Canada’s fastest growing luxury real estate market this year as rising consumer confidence boosts demand for homes over $1 million.
Full Story on FinancialPost.com



Parkside Village Master-PlanCondo Renters in Toronto, Get Ready to Write a Bigger Check

Finding a condo to rent in Toronto is tough enough — paying for it has just gotten a lot harder. Part of the reason is simple, supply and demand: Workers are flowing to Toronto for its booming tech and financial-services industries and competing for a scarcity of available units.
Full Story on Bloomberg.com



OREA Urges More Stringent Rules for Former Grow-ops

The organization representing Ontario’s real estate agents is calling for stronger rules to protect home buyers against the risks involved in purchasing a former grow-op, a situation it argued will increase once cannabis is legalized later this year.
Full Story on CanadianRealEstateMagazine.com



Experts Predicted A Mortgage Boom At Canadian Credit Unions. That Isn’t Happening

The Canadian real estate industry didn’t worry when banks announced they would be stress testing mortgages. Instead, many mortgage brokers boasted that borrowers would just go to credit unions, since they weren’t subject to the same rules. numbers show that isn’t the case.
Full Story on BetterDwelling.com

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