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Top 10 Real Estate News Stories From Apr. 16 – 29, 2018

Our CondoNow experts have narrowed down the top 10 real estate news stories from April 16 – 29, 2018.

The numbers are in and Canada had the biggest Q4 ever, electric car chargers become a condo requirement, and the mortgage rate sees the ‘biggest move in years’. We’ve cultivated a list of the top 10 stories. Here’s the latest news!

Canadian Residential Real Estate Investment Had The Biggest Q4 Ever

For better or worse, real estate is one of the most important drivers of the Canadian economy. Residential structure investment, the amount of capital deployed for building new housing, reached one of the highest ratios against Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ever.
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New Rules Hope to Jolt Condo Boards to Install Electric Car Chargers

New provincial regulations are designed to make it easier for the growing number of condo dwellers to own electric cars by encouraging the installation of charging stations in parking areas.
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Toronto-Dominion Bank Lifts Mortgage Rate in ‘biggest move in years,’ RBC Follows Suit

Toronto-Dominion Bank has lifted its posted rate for five-year fixed mortgages by 45 basis points to 5.59 per cent as government bond yields touched their highest levels since 2011 this week.
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With Graduation Season in Full Force, Travellers Turn to Airbnb

Toronto is home to innumerable international students and graduation season is upon us, but hotel room prices in the city are exorbitant. With graduation season in full force, travellers turn to Airbnb.
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B.C.’s Condo-Flipping Crackdown Law Targets Tax Evasion to Keep Down Prices

British Columbia’s government wants to crack down on tax evasion in the condominium market and gives municipalities more control over rental housing as it looks for ways of easing a housing crunch.
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US Federal Reserve Indicators Show Canadian Real Estate Buyers Still “Exuberant”

Canadians are still overly enthusiastic about real estate prices. Indicators show buyers actually became more irrational in the prices paid in the fourth quarter of 2017. Analysts from the reserve bank warn prices are still overheated across the country.
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Last Resort Lender Keeping Canadian Home Buying Dreams Alive

Alternative lenders are playing a growing role in Canada’s real estate market as the industry searches for new sources of financing, risk-averse banks become more picky and investors look for yield.
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Calgary Comes Last in Moneysense Ranking of Best Cities for Real Estate Investment




Are Variable Mortgage Rates Still the Best Choice for Saving on Interest?

Variable rates have long been a favourite option for mortgage nerds. In part, that’s because of a 2001 study showing that Canadian mortgage holders would have been better off almost 90 per cent of the time with a variable rather than fixed rates between 1950 and 2000.
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Allied Properties REIT Plans to Spend $1 Billion to Meet Toronto Tech Office Demand

Allied aims to issue 10-year bonds in Canada, likely in the $200 million range, to help fund its The Well project, 1.6 million square feet of office and retail space.
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