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The Future is Now – 4 New Toronto Condo Amenities

Since we launched earlier this year we have seen all the condo configurations in the GTA. With over 550 condos in our database, we have come across some exceptional projects boasting amazing value and stand-out amenities. The majority of the condos listed on CondoNow have basic amenities like pools and fitness rooms. We wanted to provide you with a list of projects that feature amenities that stand out. These are futuristic amenities that are unique, modern, and are trend-setters for the condo amenities of the future!

YC Condos – Samsung Smart Door Lock System

Canderel’s YC Condos is partnering with Dell and Samsung to feature smart door locks. Each suite will feature a system that allows residences to control their front door with a touch screen or their mobile phone. Who needs a key when you can open and shut your doors by simply touching a feature on your smartphone? This continues the trend towards carrying one simple devices to control every part of your lifestyle.

Aqualina at Bayside – Screening Theatre

Tridel’s Aqualina at Bayside brings Hollywood to your condo with a state-of-the-art screening room for new film releases. Tridel hired the award winning design firm II BY IV Design Associates to design an extravagant new theatre space for its residents. You can now get the feeling of the “big-screen” right in the comfort and convenience of your new condo building. 

87 Peter Condos – Manicure/Pedicure Rooms

Perhaps you’re tired after a long day at work and you want spa treatment, well look no further than Menkes’ 87 Peter. This condo features a luxurious water-spa, which is the first-of-its-kind in the city of Toronto. The spa features private rooms where you can rest, relax and enjoy that mani/pedi you always wanted, all without stepping out of your own building.

Wellesley on the Park – ColdPlunge Pool

A cold-plunge-pool is the newest thing equipped in modern, high-end spas and gyms. Lanterra Developments’ Wellesley on the Park features “cryotherapy” bath treatments. Cryotherapy is the use of cold water to treat a list of ailments particularly in athletes. Sore after an excruciating run? Hop in the cold plunge pool and let this freezing cold water help repair your muscles.

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