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The Impact of Transportation on Your Real Estate Investment

Today, proximity to public transportation is a boon to an urban real estate investment, but this was not always the case. Flight to the suburbs in the decades following World War II reflected a desire for more spacious and natural landscapes, driving up prices in areas outside of urban cores. …

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Are you using filters to help you invest in new condominium projects?

Anyone who makes investments needs to have a goal as to what they want to achieve.  This is especially true if you are investing in new condo developments. A core filter is basically a reference point for an investment goal.  Any core filter will assist in narrowing down investment options, …

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Pre-construction Condos and Appreciation

We all know what appreciation in Real Estate is, right? You buy a condo in Toronto today for $500,000, and magically, in five years that same property is worth $700,000. Assuming you didn’t make any major investments in improving that property, then yes, you have experienced some decent appreciation. In …

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