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Exclusive Interview with Tridel’s Jim Ritchie and Samson Fung

Via Bloor Condos

We recently had the privilege of having an exclusive interview with Jim Ritchie, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Samson Fung, Director of Strategic Marketing at Tridel. Jim and Samson discuss Via Bloor, which is sure to be one of the hottest new pre-construction condo projects of 2017. …

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As a condo investor you should look forward to tax season

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be considered taxation or legal advice. Always consult your appropriate legal and tax professionals for advice on such matters. Have you, or are you thinking about, investing in a new condominium in Toronto? It’s important you understand all the tax issues and benefits …

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The Impact of Transportation on Your Real Estate Investment

Today, proximity to public transportation is a boon to an urban real estate investment, but this was not always the case. Flight to the suburbs in the decades following World War II reflected a desire for more spacious and natural landscapes, driving up prices in areas outside of urban cores. …

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Are you using filters to help you invest in new condominium projects?

Anyone who makes investments needs to have a goal as to what they want to achieve.  This is especially true if you are investing in new condo developments. A core filter is basically a reference point for an investment goal.  Any core filter will assist in narrowing down investment options, …

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Pre-construction Condos and Appreciation

We all know what appreciation in Real Estate is, right? You buy a condo in Toronto today for $500,000, and magically, in five years that same property is worth $700,000. Assuming you didn’t make any major investments in improving that property, then yes, you have experienced some decent appreciation. In …

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