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Is there a Robin Hood of the Real Estate Industry?



What’s the most important factor for a consumer interested in buying a new condo in Toronto?




Before a consumer makes a decision to buy a new condo they need access to ALL the information about what’s available for sale. Information that is pure, un-filtered, un-censored and non-biased.

Only with ALL the information available can CHOICE truly be valid.

The next obvious question;

Where can the consumer get ALL the information they require?


Individual Developers? – Not always

Developers are primarily interested in selling their own units. The situation here is very similar to buying a new car. If a consumer walks into a car dealership looking for a vehicle, and the vehicles offered only satisfy 3 of the 5 features sought out, it is very unlikely the dealership will send the consumer to a competitor down the road.  Like in any competitive market, developers will do their best to spin and sell the consumer their own product.

The result for the consumer at the end of the day however is limited choice.


Real Estate Agents? – Not always

The plain truth here is Real Estate agents are paid commission when the consumers they’re servicing buy a new condo. However, not all new condo developments pay commission to outside sales agents.

The resulting conflict here is that a real estate agent may not share information with their customer about developments that don’t pay commission, simply because they will not get paid for their services if their client decides to purchase at that location.

On the flip side, developments that do not pay commission often do not want their project information published on 3rd party web sites. The fear here is that the consumer will see the information, but will be swayed against that project by their agent due to the above-mentioned conflict.

The result once again, limited consumer choice.


There is a better solution

Consumer focused web sites such as CondoNow.com provide true choice by getting consumers all the available information: 100% un-biased, un-censored, and unfiltered information. Allowing the consumer to see all units that specifically match their needs and wants, without outside persuasion or coaxing.

Sources of information like CondoNow put the consumer first and create an environment of clear and concise information flow, in turn allowing for better decision-making while at the same time validating true choice.

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