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Dupont Street Developments

Positive Rejuvenation Coming to Dupont Street

The Dupont Study Area

Known for its employment area and rail road tracks, the City of Toronto wants to drastically improve Dupont Street to bring it to its full potential. Developers have taken notice.

The area north of Dupont from Ossington Ave to Kendal Avenue was under review as of November 2012 and condos are finally announcing their debut.

With the astonishing growth of Toronto, Dupont Street brings an exciting opportunity for development. There are currently 6 pre-construction condos & townhome developments coming to the Dupont Regeneration area including 2 from Tridel alone.

Urban Planning

The City of Toronto is planning to transform the Dupont Rail Corridor area into a space that is friendly and stimulating. The environment will be improved for pedestrians as well as creating more green spaces and parks for a family friendly focus. Their vision is focused on catering to the community and creating a place where people can stroll down Dupont Street enjoying the scenery and even a warm summer’s night on a restaurant patio.

A more breathable space starts with park improvements and one of the community initiatives that they are also going to contribute to is the Park People’s Green Line Park. Green Line is a 5km linear park and trail in the Hydro corridor north of the rail corridor. This will be a wonderful contribution to The Annex and Casa Loma neighbourhood to really encourage people to explore their community.

Dupont Condo Guidelines

New developments need to match the character and culture that the City of Toronto is planning to embellish. The Dupont condos are under strict guidance of being midrise condos to blend well with the current aesthetic of the surrounding houses with a max height of approximately 8 storeys. Condos will need to be setback 30 metres from the rail corridor.

Here are the Exciting Developments Coming to Dupont Street

420 Dupont Bianca Condos

Coming to Dupont Street, Tridel lets you choose the perfect suite for you with over 200 unique floor plans! Contrary to Toronto’s recent trends, Bianca Condos at 420 Dupont will have a large amount of incredibly spacious suites 1000 sq.ft. and higher allowing you to grow in your home and claim it as your own.

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328 Dupont Condos

Freed Development is creating 2 towers sharing a 4-storey podium. In total there will be 560 suites as well as retail and office space.

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500 Dupont Condos

Lifetime Developments is teaming up with Core Architects to bring a 9 storey tower with 146 suites.

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524 Dupont Condos

This Toronto pre-construction condo is still in preliminary planning and currently has no renderings.

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740 Dupont Condos

Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust is planning to build an 8 storey condo with 122 suites.

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840 Dupont Condos

Tridel is redeveloping the current Sobeys and building a fresh design with 304 suites as well as offices and retail space.

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More Dupont Developments Outside of the Study Area

1025 Dupont Dupont Towns

Only 7 freehold urban townhomes will be built by Grid Developments.

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1214 Dupont Condos Galleria Mall Condos 

Elad Canada and Freed Development is envisioning a multi-phase redevelopment of the Galleria Mall that will provide revitalization to the area. Reimagine Galleria’s Master Plan will include 3,416 residential units. new parklands, cycling infrastructure, new retail and office spaces.

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With the astonishing growth of Toronto, Dupont Street brings an exciting opportunity to invest in a community with many revitalization plans, 2 subway stations nearby, and great proximity to the downtown core while still having its own character and charm.

Information based on the City of Toronto’s Legal Documents for Dupont Street Regeneration Study

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