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VMC and Central Park
VMC Overview Rendering Claude Cormier + associés

Vaughan’s Glorious Downtown: Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

The Future Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

It’s as if every time you blink something new is being built in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC). Vaughan’s Hwy 7 just East of Hwy 400 is changing daily and the future holds very big and tall plans. The area currently looks like this:

Vaughan Overview

But thanks to years of planning, it’s going to look like this:

VMC Overview

Wonderland’s Leviathan and Behemoth won’t be the only things defining Vaughan’s skyline anymore. 442 acres of land is being redeveloped, that’s approximately 300 football fields! They’re creating a downtown core that Vaughan has never seen before set with tons of skyscrapers. This plan transforms the current sub-urban area into an urban hub for transit, entertainment, and much more.

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is projected to have a population of 25,000 with 12,000 homes and 11,500 employment opportunities. Because of the transit options and offices in the area, Vaughan’s expecting that over 20,000 commuters daily will be making their way through VMC’s transportation hub.

The core principles for the City of Vaughan’s new downtown is:

  • Transit Oriented
  • Walkable
  • Accessible
  • Diverse
  • Vibrant
  • Green
  • Beautiful
Central Park Rendering by Claude Cormier + associes
Central Park Rendering by Claude Cormier + associes

These principles will create a community that people will want to be a part of as well as a wonderful place to live. The goal is to create a destination where people want to go to enjoy, to relax, to explore, and to have fun in the heart of Vaughan.

There has been incredible success for the condos that have launched! Transit City Condos sold out its first two towers in under two weeks. Other condos in the area have already began occupancy. You can view the full list of VMC condos HERE

Vaughan’s Transportation Hub

No longer will it be a mission getting around the GTA for those living north of Toronto! Being transit oriented is one of Vaughan’s focus principle for VMC and all the plans lead to them achieving just that. Living in the VMC will bring endless transit options within walking distance. The TTC VMC Subway Station, VMC Inter-Regional Bus Terminal, and Vivanext Bus Rapid Transit Station all are opening soon.

VMC Transit Map
VMC Transit Map. Image via myvmc

S – The VMC Subway station. Reliable and simple, the VMC TTC provides a 7 minute commute to York University and 45 minutes to Union Station. Part of TTC’s $3.2 billion project, the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension is a huge benefit to everyone in Vaughan and nearby whom will finally have a simple connection all over Toronto.

A – SmartCentres Bus Terminal 3 vivastations. This is a $32.1 million creation designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects that will bridge the gap between viva stations around York Region to Toronto’s transit.

B – Rapid Transit Stations. Vivanext is bringing uninterrupted faster travel times all over York Region

If public transit isn’t your style then Hwy 7, Hwy 400, and Hwy 407 are all nearby.

VMC Bus Station and VMC TTC Subway Station
VMC Bus Station and VMC TTC Subway Station

Urban Planning

Vaughan’s Downtown Core VMC

If you expected a nice quaint suburban downtown core you’d be mistaken. Vaughan is giving it its all and creating a dynamic space with downtown Toronto flare. Welcome to Vaughan’s main destination. You’ll be able to spend all day walking down the promenade, enjoying central park, and trying new flavours at restaurants like BUCA. There’ll be something at every corner with office spaces, hotels, convention centres, restaurants, cafes, and retail.

Downtown Vaughan
Downtown VMC via myvmc

Vaughan wants to promote a pedestrian and bike friendly environment in the VMC area. Retail is highly encouraged at ground level to create an exciting and vibrant environment. Pedestrian paths are to be spacious and highly visible from the beginning of the path to the end which is perfect for safety.

VMC Street network
Street Framework. image via Vaughan Urban Guidelines Plan

Inspiring art pieces will be throughout the VMC and all the details from the grass to the types of trees are important in creating a vibrant downtown. One thing that is evident is that Vaughan wants the VMC to be interactive and make people feel welcomed.

Parks, Trails, and Open Spaces

Perhaps the most beautiful features will be the parks. A future 9-acre park formally named Central Park will spread across many blocks and become a gorgeous centerpiece to the community. This is a perfect area for families, workers on their lunch break, and those just looking for a fresh view.

VMC is filled with parks that will have activities year round to really contribute to the community.

Central Park
Rendering Claude Cormier + associés

Everything from a sky fountain for pond boating to retail forecourt and even a skating rink is being proposed. Claude Cormier + associes have envisioned the Landscape Architecture and Urban Design.

Central Park Details
Central Park Details by Claude Cormier +associés

There are many parks in the VMC that will be able to break up the cluster of condo buildings and bring a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Edgeley Pond & Park and the Black Creek Corridor are current areas being reevaluated in order to improve the landscape to become a social space. They’re adding new trees and vegetation to help the area flourish as well as creating pedestrian paths and bike lanes for everyone to enjoy the parks.

VMC’s Exciting Surroundings

Places don’t get a downtown core such as this unless the community is already booming, and it is! In an attractive location near Hwy 400 and Hwy 407, Vaughan is north enough to easily find rolling hills and farm lands nearby but south enough for ideal commuting into Toronto and exciting entertainment. It’s the perfect balance.

The beloved Canada’s Wonderland and the fabulous Vaughan Mills are a short drive / transit ride north, plus there’s the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, and Black Creek Pioneer Village all in York Region.

Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland
Behemoth. Image via Canada’s Wonderland

Living in the VMC will bring you steps away from the everyday necessities of shopping and fitness to luxurious nightlife and entertainment. Located in the area is a movie theatre, Reptilia, Vaughan Putting Edge, local clubs, Dave & Buster’s, amazing eateries, and so many more amenities being developed for all ages.

Vaughan Metro Centre’s future plans even hope to welcome a post-secondary school institution in the area.

Vaughan Condos

With an estimated 12,000 homes, there are going to be a lot of condos announcing their launches in the near future. Based on a 2011 Census, The average household income in Vaughan was $113,988. So far we have seen the success of Transit City, Expo City and many more incredible communities. View the full list here and right when we know of more developments we’ll add them right away on our platform!

Development Guidelines

With so many expected towers being added to the area, guidelines are a must to achieve their desired aesthetic. Condo developers need to consider neighbourhood style, tower tops, pedestrians, transit, retail, consistent street walls, weather protection, public art, aesthetic, and shared outdoor open spaces. And if it doesnt, well then Vaughan will send them right back to the drawing board. Previous plans had the tallest towers located within a block from the VMC Bus & Subway Stations reaching a maximum height of 30 storeys but that has increased! Transit City at 55 storeys will be York Region’s tallest residential tower.

Each street is also under a specific style guide. Hwy 7 is being dubbed “Avenue 7: the central spine of VMC – green street”. This location is the main road where the majority of people will be entering VMC so it needs to be grand and majorly impressive. Millway Avenue will be the “cultural and social spine – premium street”. Millway should inspire people with intricate art work and beautiful design all around. Central Park will define its surrounding condos. The focus is on promoting an easily accessible area for pedestrians.

Vaughan is encouraging developers to reach the highest green building standards just as they will with their civic buildings.

So future downtown Vaughan, we are excited for the condo opportunities and can’t wait to hang out!

Information derived from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Urban Design Guidelines and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Secondary Plan

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