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Canada’s Top Architectural Styles Over 150 Years

CondoNow Presents Canada's top Architectural Styles over the Last 150 Years


Canada has had vastly different architectural styles over the last 150 years. The most prevalent in Toronto and the GTA since 1867 are Georgian Revival, Bay-and-Gable, Gothic Revival, Bungalows, Modern, and the current rising trend of Skyscrapers. You can click the links to see the upcoming pre-construction condos and townhomes coming to the areas.

Georgian Revival

Georgian Revival styles rule neighbourhoods like Rosedale and The Bridle Path. The first example, John Daniels’ house, is one of the oldest buildings left in Yorkville.


Next is a style that is unmistakable to Toronto, Bay and Gable. Bay-and-Gable is a combination of Victorian Revival and Gothic Revival. Little Italy and Cabbagetown has so much character with these houses along the streets.

Gothic Revival

There’s no other residential dwelling that would be more suitable for Gothic Revival than Casa Loma! A breathtaking house turned museum in the lovely Casa Loma neighbourhood. It’s one of Toronto’s many tourist attractions and even has activities like Escape Rooms.


In the 1950’s suburbs became a huge demand due to the Post War Baby Boomer time. Families were looking for a space to settle down and house all their children away from the city core.


Modern style and design began to dominant in the early 2000s. There’s a change from the classic and traditional styles to minimal yet imaginative designs. The example shown above is the Integral House also known as the Mathematician’s house. James Stewart was a math textbook author who had this house built for him for $34 Million dollars. The large glass windows provide a beautiful view of the forest as well as stunning reflections.


Gorgeous views, exciting neighbourhoods, amazing amenities, and endless connections to Transit, is more and more on people’s wish lists. Condos are rising all over the GTA with incredibly different architectural styles. The future is going to see some breathtaking condos. This first condo is going to change Toronto’s skyline forever. The One Condos at 1 Bloor West has a highly sophisticated design with geometric diamond shapes throughout the facade and a style to match Yorkville completely. It’s a strong rectangular structure designed by Foster + Partners that will be Canada’s tallest tower at a staggering height of 1005 ft / 306.6 m.

The style at Edge Towers is traditional yet modern with a rectangular base and triangular prism top that will pierce through the clouds in Downtown Mississauga envisioned by Rosario “Roy” Varacalli, Cusimano Architect. With a completely opposite style we have On The Park Condos near the Ontario Science Centre that reflects the organic nature around the area while having a highly modern style with geometric shapes and forms. The design is by Graziani Corazza Architects.

We’re excited to see these new towers grow and are proud to see what Canada’s Architectural history has accomplished. There’s been many different trends over the last 150 years of Canadian housing styles what do you predict the next trend will be?

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